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Kitchen Shrink: The Last Supper: Romancing the Titanic's Centennial
Inspired by delights served aboard the ocean-liner, Executive Chef Mark Kropczynski has created a jolly good afternoon event with assorted loose-leaf teas, and savory and sweet treats. For reservations, call (619) 744-2039.
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A Cup of Peace review: Soothe the soul the Korean way
While I waited for my dish to be freshly prepared, I explored various loose-leaf tea blends perched inside cubbies on the wall. Reminiscent of a Chinese apothecary, the retail tea kiosk lends an air of authenticity to the wellness vibe that permeates …
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“Mad Men” Recap: 503, “Tea Leaves
Well, in “Tea Leaves,” we get a lot of Betty. As in, there's plenty of Betty to go around. As in — we just need to get through this — when Betty sits around the Francis manse in Rye eating Bugles, she sits around the Francis manse in Rye eating Bugles.
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